A. Courts may be reserved and used by Club members for a maximum of 1-1/2 hours for singles or 2 hours for doubles. Residents not belonging to the Club cannot be a guest of a Club member.
B. Sign-up sheets will be posted on the bulletin board at the courts on Sunday evening for the following week.
C. An individual may not reserve courts more than two times per sign-up sheet during prime time, which is considered to be after 7:00 P.M. on weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays.
D. Please, no back-to-back sign-ups. (An individual should not play in two consecutive sign-up periods.)
E. Court time will be forfeited if ten minutes late; however, if you know you are not going to use the court time, please have the courtesy to remove your name from the sign-up sheet.
F. No child under age 14 may sign up for courts without an adult on weekends, holidays, or during prime time. However, if a court is available, they may use it.
G. Court etiquette and consideration for other players on the courts should be observed at all times.
H. Proper attire, including regular smooth-soled tennis shoes (no jogging shoes or black soles) must be worn.
I. League teams must leave at least one court available during coaching and practice sessions.
J. Non-resident team members may play on Hampton Lake teams upon payment of $30 per season. The team captain shall collect all fees and give them to the Tennis Chairman no later than the day the roster is due.
K. All adult league teams utilizing courts during prime time may reserve the courts for practice and coaching during the same time period one month in advance on the same day these matches will be played.
L. After a home match, all trash cans should be emptied and new liners put in each. Trash must be carried to the parking lot receptacle.
M. All tennis related activities should be cleared through the tennis committee chair. This includes coaching sessions, round-robins, ladders, ALTA practice days and home matches.
N. Pets, bikes, skateboards, roller blades, children’s toys, etc. are not allowed on the courts.
O. League play should be indicated on the sign up sheet and time allotted as deemed appropriate.