Neighborhood Guidelines
You should be aware of how we maintain standards of safety and appearance in Hampton Lake. Our Architectural Control Committee is available to answer questions. But, in general, these are guidelines to keep in mind:
• We observe ‘good neighbor’ behavior in accordance with Cobb County Ordinances such as:
  • Animal control – such as requirements for dogs to be fenced or on leash at all times, appropriate animal waste disposal, management of barking, etc.
  • “Quiet times’ – observed through noise restrictions from 7am-10pm, including power lawn equipment, construction, loud music, etc.
  • Outdoor burning restrictions - allowed between 10am and one hour before sunset Oct 1-April 30 unless otherwise stipulated by Cobb County
  • Fireworks - not permitted after 9pm
• Hampton Lake strives to maintain ‘good neighbor’ relations through Architectural Control Committee pre-approval for changes that affect ‘curb appearance’ of your home, such as:
  • Removal of mature trees
  • Major property alterations (such as grading or digging, additions, etc.)
  • Significant changes to exterior (such as painting brick, overall house color, porch & deck additions, etc.)
  • Fence installations
  • Cobb County requires permitting and adherence to building standards for renovations to your home. Please visit their website for details, but in general, those guidelines include:
    • Permitting for major renovations/home improvements, porch additions, pools, retaining walls, decks, etc. etc.
    • Adherence to building codes, including electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing, etc.
    • Erosion control
    • Restrictions on digging, excavating, etc.
    • Adherence to specified completion dates
• The Hampton Lake Architectural Control Committee also requires that you file plans for major renovations that will affect the exterior appearance of your home with start and completion dates from your contractor (including the presence of constructions materials, equipment, dumpsters, and portable toilets) with start and completion dates from your contractor.

• Other home appearance guidelines include:

o Boats, trailer, motorcycles, campers should not be visible from the street, and cars should be parked appropriately for neighborhood safety and appearance
o Outside clotheslines are not permitted
o Window air conditioners, garbage receptacles, solar panels, plumbing, heating vents, etc. should not be visible from the street
  • Lawns signs are restricted:
  • Signs should be no larger than 11” X 24” excepting real estate listing signs
  • Construction should be removed 7 days after work completed
  • No same sign in yard over 30 days (except active real estate listing signs)
  • No more than one sign concurrently
  • No offensive language on signs
  • Political signs should be removed within 24